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Tianjin Zhonglian Green Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in February 2009 and is a national high-tech enterprise. The main business of the company is:
(1) Comprehensive anti-seepage control of polluted sites. The company has professional construction qualifications. The scope of construction includes pollution site control and governance, new landfills, landfill ecological closures, mine environment restoration, and river basin ecological restoration. , water conservancy and landscape anti-seepage, etc., and the business covers most regions of the country;
(2) The production, scientific research and construction of sodium bentonite waterproof blankets, the company has two professional sodium bentonite waterproof blankets (GCL) production lines, with an annual output of 500 10,000 square meters, products and services are well recognized by domestic and foreign customers.



Comprehensive anti-seepage control of polluted sites, GCL material production, new isolation and anti-seepage products and technology research and development



Quality for existence, Technology for excellence, Innovation for progresses


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To date, Our materials and install services have been provided for more than 100 projects, which have been recognized by the customer.

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