TMAT®Heavy Metal Resistance GCL


Heavy metal pollution refers to the environmental pollution caused by the heavy metals or their compounds, mainly caused by human factors such as mining, emissions, waste, water for irrigation and use of heavy metals and other products. Isolation or adsorption is normal method to control heavy metal pollution, in some specific polluted areas such as tailings management and mine ecological restoration often have serious and multiple heavy metal pollution, a single management cannot be achieved good governance results.


Heavy Metal Resistance GCL is a new environmentally friendly products of our company, materials of anti-heavy-metal and anti-seepage tightly fixed between three geotextile through fiber, product not only has good anti-heavy-metal effect, and have outstanding barrier properties. The product combine anti-seepage and pollution control, have originality and uniqueness.


An additional functional layer is encapsulated in sodium bentonite GCL sandwich structure. This layer is able to absorb, adsorb heavy metal ions and reduce ions concentration by redox or ion exchange. The functional layer is replaceable depending on which metal ion is abundant. The company offers functional layers effective towards Cr, Cd, Hg, Cu, Zn, Cd ions.

Needle-punch reinforced; enhanced stability and resist to stressful & multidirectional shear strength. Its peel strength is greater than 65N/10cm, elongation at break is greater than 10%, max tensile is greater than 10kN/m. 


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