TMAT® Heavy-duty GCL


TMAT® Heavy-duty GCL is a kind of impermeable covering material made of GCL, sand and geotechnical nonwoven fabric through the suture process. GCL permeability coefficient 5×10-9cm/s has excellent barrier performance, which can effectively isolate the upper water body from the bottom pollutants. According to the treatment target and pollutant type, granule or powder type GCL can be selected. GCL gram weight 4500g/m2.GCL is covered with sand 10kg/m2, which greatly increases the proportion of the material.

On the one hand, it is conducive to the construction and ensures the smooth sinking of the coil into the bottom of the river during the laying process. On the other hand, sand is also a commonly used filter and isolation material, which can further purify the water body. The sand is covered with polyester or polypropylene non-woven geotextiles with a weight of more than 200g/m2 and the sand can be effectively fixed between GCL and non-woven geotextiles through the suture process. The upper non-woven fabric can effectively prevent the loss of sand and improve the anti-erosion performance of the material.


TMAT® Heavy-duty GCL was used in the bottom sludge cover in river


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