Non-woven Continuous Filament Geotextile


TMAT®Non-woven Geotextile is Continuous Filament Needle punched non-woven Geotextile made from Polyester, formed by the process of needle punching and thermally bounding, offers optimum performance per unit weight. 

TMAT®Non-woven Geotextile provides effective and economical solution of separation, filtration, drainage, protection and reinforcement functions for engineering projects.

  when water passes from a fine-grained to a coarse grained layer, Non-woven Geotextiles can retain fine particles well. Such as when water flows from a sandy soil into a Geotextile wrapped gravel drain.
  to separate two layers of soil with different physical properties, such as the separation of road gravel from soft sub-base materials.
  to drain liquid or gas from the plane of the fabric, which leads to draining or venting of the soil, such as the gas vent layer in a landfill cap.

  to improve the load bearing capacity of a specific soil structure, such as the reinforcement of a retaining wall.

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