TMAT®GCL (Granular)


Geosynthetic Clay Liner(Granular)

*Needle-punch reinforced enhanced stability and resist to stressful & multidirectional shear strength.

*Granular bentonite (D: 0.12mm) encapsulated in between a layer of woven/non-woven geotextile and a layer of non-woven geotextile.


TMAT®GCL (Granular) is an extremely versatile clay-based lining product. Once hydrated, TMAT® with over one decade of successful installations, the range of TMAT® applications is virtually limitless:

*waste and contaminated soil caps

*landfill base liners

*gas and vapor seals

*surface impoundment liners

*secondary containment

*dams, canals, and water courses

*tailings containment

*groundwater protection

*sorptive barriers

*vertical barriers



TMAT® GCL is easy to install.

The manufacture and quality control laboratory programmed of TMAT® GCL that means it arrives on jobsite with the necessary test results. TMAT® provide the install service of full project process.

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