TMAT®GCL (Powdered)


Geosynthetic Clay Liner (Powdered)

*Powder bentonite (D:0.074mm) Encapsulated in between a layer of woven/ non-woven geotextile and a layer of non-woven geotextile.

*Faster swelling (approximately 6 times faster than the granular GCL at the same unit weight) & improved hydraulic seal performance.



TMAT®GCL (Powdered) is an improved product of granular type GCL, which has the characteristics of fast response and good seepage control effect, especially suitable for water landscape waterproof and seepage control.

Fast response

The relationship between the reported time of hydration and permeability coefficient

Hydration time

Permeability coefficient of granular GCL(×10-9cm/s)

Permeability coefficient of powder GCL(×10-9cm/s)

1 hours


No exudation

2 hours


No exudation

24 hours


No exudation

48 hours



72 hours



96 hours



The particle size of the granular bentonite is large. When the surface meets water, a waterproof membrane is formed to prevent the water from entering into the particle and delay the hydration expansion of the bentonite. At the same time, due to the large particle size, the gap between bentonite needs to be sealed by its own expansion, and its hydration needs a certain time, which makes its early anti-seepage performance poor.



TMAT®GCL (Powdered) is an extremely versatile clay-based lining product. TMAT® with over one decade of successful installations, the range of TMAT® applications is virtually limitless:

waste and contaminated soil caps

landfill base liners

gas and vapor seals

surface impoundment liners

secondary containment

dams, canals, and water courses

tailings containment

groundwater protection

sorptive barriers

vertical barriers




TMAT® is easy to install

The manufacture and quality control laboratory programmed of TMAT® means it arrives on jobsite with the necessary test results. We provide the install service of full project process.

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